Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whip My Hair

OK, so I have started this page for all things Natural Hair. I am a big time lover of being natural! Over the summer I took down my one year old locs. They were horrible, because my hair was so curly it sometimes curled and then loc'd that way. I had some short, some long, some loc'd, and some not, it was a huge mess. It took me 5 months to take them out (I know thats a long time, its a long story I will discuss later) and once I got them out that super long hair I had was no more. It was still very long but it was nowhere near my behind like it was before.

One of the big problems I encountered after "the takedown" was breakage and dryness. My hair was also super tangled but I think that was related to the dryness. I would wash, condition, and style and it would look great. The very next day it would be dry and horrible to manage. I dont know about anyone else, but I dont want to spend an hour combing my hair.

I am on a journey to finding the best natural hair products. I am also looking for products that wont break the bank. Who wants to have their hair looking gorgeous but cant afford to go out to show it off. No more of those $30 jars of hair products that we skimp on using because we dont want to run out. Half of these products are for natural hair but arent completely natural themselves....How about that? Yeah I said it! There are products out there that work great for our hair and dont cost a fortune. There are also great recipes for products you can make right at home with some of the things you already have in your own kitchen.

For all those of you that wanted to know whats with the hair type numbers? Whats a "prepoo"? What products should I use on my hair? And... How can I grow long hair? I am going to explore all of that right here. And for all those with locs, I havent given up on them. They are not for me, but most of my children are loc'd. I will demonstrate to I maintain their locs as well as how I style them.

Once I find what works I will begin a hair regimen that I share with my readers. Please feel free to share as well! Best Blogger Tips
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