About Me

My name is Latyia. I am an extremely frugal homeschooling mom. My desire to coupon came out of the need to purchase food and household items on little to no budget. I was tired of trying to rob Peter(dont care for him) to pay Paul (really dont like him). I got tired of having the same old budget meals and using the same old budget products. While I already used coupons to shop I didn't know that there was a whole new art to couponing. Then one day my mother told me about a special report on television, that directed me to a website, with a wealth of information about couponing. It has been a journey ever since, that has also led me to look at homeschooling another way.  No more of being frustrated because I cant afford these pricey curriculums and supplies that the homeschoolers rave about.  I can do it my way.  I guess you could call me Shoestring Sista, because I am juggling everything, all while on a shoestring budget.  Wont you follow me on that journey?
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