Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Grocery Help...

OK, so I have found that their are many sites that will help organize your shopping trip, by matching up the sales with the coupons. Some even point out all the free deals which is great. My only problem is........the really good ones cost!

Take for instance The Grocery Game I have heard alot of great things about it but at this time I just cant swing it. It would cost me $35 a month to keep up with the six stores I shop at. But it's a great program. Perhaps I may join later or I will just stick with the hard work of searching out my deals and saving that $35 for food. Right now, The Grocery Game is currently running a $1 for a month special, so if your interested please check it out.

Another cool site I discovered was Grocio. This site had an amazing intro video showing you how to plan your shopping trip using Grocio. You enter your shopping list and any coupons you may have and it would compare stores and even give you your expected TOTAL! It even goes a step further to list the current store promotions and contact info for the store. This is cool, I was like sign me up. I received this message saying I had to wait for an email confirmation, so I was all ready. As I sat their waiting for the "ding" from my yahoo messenger to alert me that I had mail, but instead I sat in total silence. Nothing. I continued reading the message stating that the confirmations aren't automatic and I would have to wait for it to be manually done. Its all good, I can wait I haven't had it all this time so I will live.

Anyway when I get set up on Grocio I will post my personal experience with the site.

Stay tuned........

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