Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Homeschooling Help

OK so, did I let you know I was a homeschooler? Nah, I didn't did I? Well, I am also a homeschooler.

I have been homeschooling for the past 5 years and I am loving it. But it wasn't always so easy and I didn't always love it. I had trouble keeping up with my lesson plans when things didn't run smoothly for her. It had me frustrated just as much as she was.

Until Time 4 Learning popped up. I was trying to find online curriculum and always had a difficult time finding a program that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Somehow I stumbled upon Time 4 Learning which uses the popular Compass Learning software. I downloaded the trial version, and I was amazed. I then looked for the price anticipating some outrageous fee and to my surprise it was only $19.95 a month. That right $19.95 a month this is no typo. For each additional child it is $14.95 a month, which is great since I also have a kindergarten aged child. They also have awesome discounts if you pay quarterly or yearly.

Each unit is made up of multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, and an assessment. The interactive programs keeps my children busy and constantly wanting to do more schoolwork. This software also keeps track of your child's assignments so that you are able to print their grades, tests, etc. Sort of like a report card. And all the work isn't online there are also resource activity sheets you can print so your child can also do things the old-fashioned way. The only down side is this program is it only goes up to eighth grade, I hope that maybe in the near future they could develop a high school program because this is the best I have seen.

I know this is a blog so I could tell you more about it but I would just like to say it speaks for itself. I know you will absolutely love this program. If you would like more info, visit Time 4 Learning for sample lessons and a complete listing of the materials by grade and subject. You can email info@Time4Learning.com or call 954 771-0914. Or you can ask other parents their opinions in their online forum. If you join, there is a box to mention who referred you. Please be sure to tell them that I referred you (just message me for my info), it could help me out a little.

If your looking for something to supplement your curriculum or just looking for homework help check out Brain POP. And for your younger children (K-3) try Brain POP Jr. This service is also inexpensive. I have noticed the prices have changed a bit but its nothing outrageous. For homeschoolers and non- homeschoolers its $99 a year. The non-homeschooling families also have the option of paying $9.95 a month with an annual subscription. This is site is awesome and also has great interactive programs for the children.

So hey go check these sites out I am sure you will love them.

Stay tuned...........

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